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Come hear what’s never been done before

Musical instruments have the best shape & design to produce a clean, undistorted sound. However, traditional manufacturing design is not able to produce such an acoustic chamber. So we had to find a new technology, 3D DLP (Digital Light Processing), to produce such a complicated shape. Unencumbered by limitations through our unique digital light processing, our approach to audio was simple:

Optimize the experience around sound itself and break whatever barriers stood to achieve the best results.

HarmoniQ Omni-Acoustic Standardization

The definition of High Fidelity seemingly evolves with every new iteration of products and technology, but at its core remains, ‘high-quality reproduction of sound.’ Most brands implement synthetic components to adjust their playback, resulting in manipulations that compromise the authenticity of sound.

At HarmoniQ Labs, we went beyond the industry standard and developed our own rule book, testing Lytte HarmoniQ to laborious detail until it surpassed the criteria of 7 dimensions (36 key metric points) that incorporates all aspects of an audio device’s listening experience.

We have no tolerance for using Hi-Fi as a cliche without backing our claims, so we measured Lytte against the most premium competition on the market and made the information readily available, inviting everyone to see what makes Lytte HarmoniQ true high fidelity earphones.

The Mastery Of Light Manufacturing

Traditional molding is an antiquated process riddled with limitations that result in compromises to build quality and sound. So we tapped into the newest manufacturing technology to produce a near impossible, single piece, seamless body design.

Forged with an environmentally conscious, skin friendly resin, Lytte HarmoniQ is produced by projecting it with UV light. This process (called DLP 3D Printing) yields better structural integrity, for superior performance and longevity, while adding a tactile grip that feels soft to the touch.

Immerse Yourself in Uncompromised Sound