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The complete guide to your Lytte HarmoniQ earphones

First-time set-up


Put your earphones in the charging case and plug the case into a USB-C port to charge. This will charge both the earphones and the case. Allow at least 10 minutes for charging.   


Ear tips directly influence your audio’s seal and travel path, so you must find your “glass slipper,” so to speak. The length of the sleeve and the sound holes differ among the included six sets, so be sure to try all the tips and find the best fit for comfort and sound quality.


Gently push the tip into your ear (Step 1). Twist the earphone to have it sit comfortably in alignment with the ridges and hollows of your outer ear (Step 2).
A proper fitting and seal will allow the earphones to sit comfortably in your ears without pressure or discomfort. If your audio sounds are fuzzy or quiet, remove the earphone and this will enable the ear tip to reshape before reinserting. If distortion or discomfort persists, revisit step 2, and try a different set of tips.

When you find the right fit, you will see that the lines of the earphone match up to the contour of your ear. Here’s an example of a wrong fit (left) where the earphone is pointed down at a hard angle vs. a right fit (right), where the earphone aligns with the natural curvature of the ear.


  • Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth settings are set to “ON” and that your phone is no more than 50cm (about 19 inches) away from your earphones.

  • Take out the earphones from the charging case and insert them into your ears. You should hear “Power On” from both earphones.

  • With your earphones in, press both earphones - where the Q logo is - at the same time for 5 seconds, until you hear “Pairing”, and “Lytte HarmoniQ” shows up on your Bluetooth list. Follow the instructions on your device to complete pairing.
  • When pairing is complete, you’ll see a pairing confirmation message on your phone and hear, “Pairing successful, connected.”

  • Lytte HarmoniQ can occupy multiple Bluetooth profiles across different devices.

    To switch between different phones or laptops, simply “Disconnect” via your device's Bluetooth settings, or press each earphone at the same time for 5 seconds to “disconnect” from the current device. You should hear “No Connection” by doing so.

  • If connecting to a new device for the first time, repeat the pairing process to create a new Bluetooth profile.


  • Once your earphones are paired, start putting them through their paces! Put on your favorite playlist and start getting used to the intuitive touch gestures.

  • Play/Pause: Tap either earphone once (you'll hear a single beep).

  • Volume control: Decrease volume by touching and holding your left earphone. Increase volume by touching and holding your right earphone followed by a single beep.

  • Lytte HarmoniQ’s volume controls work independently from the volume of your connected device, giving you even more control over your sound levels. Start by adjusting the audio output on your earphones, then adjusting the volume on your connected device. When you reach the max volume of Lytte HarmoniQ, you will hear “Max Volume” from your earphones.

  • Track control:  To go to the previous track, double-tap your left earphone. To go to the next track, double-tap your right earphone (you will hear a double “Ding” touch sound).

  • Call control:  Pick up an incoming call by tapping either earphone once. Reject an incoming call by touching and holding either earphone. End a current call by tapping either earphone once.

  • Voice assistant:  To speak or give commands to your phone’s voice assistant (like Siri or Google Home), pause music first and then tap either earphone three times (3 “Ding” touch sound). 

Battery Life

Your battery life is indicated by the lights that are located next to the charging area on the back of the charging case. 

When the case is closed, and the light is:

  • Green: your case battery is high. 
  • Orange: your case battery is medium. 
  • Red: your case battery is low.

When the case is open, and the light is:

  • Orange: your earphones are charging.
  • If connected to a USB-C port, and the orange light is flashing - the charging case is charging
  • If not connected, and orange light is flashing - the earphones are charging
  • Red: your case battery is low.


If you encounter any issues, try a factory reset.

  • Place your earphones back in their charging case (make sure that the charging case has sufficient battery). With the case lid open, press and hold the top of each earphone - where the Q logo is - at the same time for 10 seconds. This will reset them to their original factory settings.

  • After you’ve reset them, pull them out of their case, and hold the earphones together for 10 seconds. Make sure you do NOT touch the Q logo during this step. This will sync the earphones together so they can be synced to your phone as a complete pair.

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