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Welcome to the laboratory

Come hear what’s never been done before

Musical instruments have the best shape & design to produce a clean, undistorted sound. However, traditional manufacturing design is not able to produce such an acoustic chamber. So we had to find a new technology, 3D DLP (Digital Light Processing), to produce such a complicated shape. Unencumbered by limitations through our unique digital light processing, our approach to audio was simple:

Optimize the experience around sound itself and break whatever barriers stood to achieve the best results. 

HarmoniQ Omni-Acoustic Standardization

The definition of High Fidelity seemingly evolves with every new iteration of products and technology, but at its core remains, ‘high-quality reproduction of sound.’ Most brands implement synthetic components to adjust their playback, resulting in manipulations that compromise the authenticity of sound.

At HarmoniQ Labs, we went beyond the industry standard and developed our own rule book, testing Lytte HarmoniQ to laborious detail until it surpassed the criteria of 7 dimensions (36 key metric points) that incorporates all aspects of an audio device’s listening experience.

We have no tolerance for using Hi-Fi as a cliche without backing our claims, so we measured Lytte against the most premium competition on the market and made the information readily available, inviting everyone to see what makes Lytte HarmoniQ true high fidelity earphones.

Sound Balancing & Timbre

The power of the low end, the clarity of the high end, and the richness of the middle bands are standard measurements to visualize sound profile and timbre. The tonal balance across the frequency spectrum define the character of the sound.

Our unique 3D printed acoustic shape, the rigidity of the material as well as controlled airtightness minimizes total harmonic distortion, resulting in an audio signal as close to the original performance as possible. 

Sound Staging & Imaging 

Sound Staging and Imaging are responsible for spatial depth. The intelligently produced interior and immense chamber within Lytte HarmoniQ create a spacious sound stage despite their small size.

Group Delay, Amplitude (Mis)match, and Phase (Mis)match are indicators of the accuracy and consistency within this depth. These are key attributes in ensuring both an immersive and expansive sound that authentically reflects how the music elements are performed.

Sound Resolution

There nothing worse than losing details of the original music. Beyond achieving a well-balanced sound, we test for the highest sound resolution, dynamic compression, vocal quality and pleasing noise isolation.

By designing an ultra-fit ergo shape, Lytte can block out external noise at the outer ear organically. By doing so, you can hear the subtle of the music at a lower volume without the battery drain and potential dizziness.

High-resolution sound creates the experience we want for the listener, the ability to hear every note and every instrument the artist has recorded.


Ensures usage of earphones are not interrupted at the desired battery life. Key metrics include Bluetooth Version, Default Latency (ms), battery life and charge time, all are critical wireless technology specifications that takes care of a stable and consistent wireless signal.


Build quality affects more than just durability and lifespan, surprisingly, it’s has an influence on sound too.

Earbuds manufactured through traditional methods naturally have more fail points and are subject to higher risks of damage, sound distortion and struggle to remain calibrated overtime from everyday wear and tear.

Lytte HarmoniQ’s unique manufacturing process ensures more precision for the placement of internal components and the seamless unified housing increases longevity and water resistance.


When score comfort, we remember that it is always the user’s personal wearing experience. However, there are a few features we can compare Lytte to the competitors and see if we can achieve a higher comfort.

Key indicators we look at are: A light earphone weight, an ergo shape fit that matches the contour of human ear impressions to reduced pressure, removed bone conduction effect (the smothering feeling and buzzing sound when talking), controlled breathability and pleasing skin sensitivity.


When we test for Control, we are looking for ease of use. We learned the important features from our user testing and how to define easy & simple Control, user interface, for the Lytte HarmoniQ.

We compared the usability levels on earphones’ simplicity of Control over music, volume, phone calls, and AI assistance.

The Final Results

Listening preference can be subjective, our quest at HarmoniQ Labs is to build earphones that stay true to High Fidelity and you hear the unpolluted.

The margins on the charts might seem small, that is because we are presenting Lytte HarmoniQ among the best-in-class makes and models. To our highest standard these small margins are also noticeable improvements that will make your experience as amazing as the artist intend.   

The Mastery Of Light Manufacturing

Traditional molding is an antiquated process riddled with limitations that result in compromises to build quality and sound. So we tapped into the newest manufacturing technology to produce a near impossible, single piece, seamless body design.

Forged with an environmentally conscious, skin friendly resin, Lytte HarmoniQ is produced by projecting it with UV light. This process (called DLP 3D Printing) yields better structural integrity, for superior performance and longevity, while adding a tactile grip that feels soft to the touch.

To produce each Lytte HarmoniQ pair it requires:

80 minutes of printing
896 layers
30 minutes of hand polishing

Through the precision and consistency of this premium manufacturing process, Lytte HarmoniQ’s offer an unparalleled synchronized playback with over 98% accuracy.

Disclaimer : the competitive scores shown in charts are based on lab testing of random samples we purchased from each brand. Tests of all brands and models are conducted in the same controlled testing environment. Test design, methodology and results are proprietary IP of Lytte HarmoniQ. HarmoniQ Labs reserves the right of interpretation.

Immerse Yourself in Uncompromised  Sound