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Unparalleled acoustics for unprecedented audio  


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The New Way to Engineer Audio

Lytte HarmoniQ revives what’s been lost in lossless audio, a design only feasible through the most cutting edge Digital Light Processing. Shaped around the natural travel path of sound, this omni acoustic structure has been relentlessly tested to surpass an industry leading 36 metrics system, delivering authentic Hi-Fi that isn’t just subjectively good, it’s objectively superior.

“ergonomic comfort with spectacular immersive sound”

“very comfortable true wireless earbuds… produce a very rich sound”

“you can wear them all day long and you won’t even feel them”

“incredible sound & perfect fit”

"intuitive touch controls and an environmentally friendly design that's comfortable enough for daily use"

Intricate internal micro-shapes enhance the natural travel path of sound waves, nullifying distortion to create richer, more authentic playback. 

Signature 3D Digital Light Processing maximizes internal space for a more robust acoustic chamber without enlarging their size. Delivering the staging of a concert hall within the versatility of earphones. 

Ergonomic exterior based on thousands of ear impressions creates an uninterrupted bridge to your ear canal, eliminating pressure fatigue with a superior seal that feels custom molded. 

Seamless, controlled airtight housing and omni acoustic design deliver best-in-class noise attenuation of up to -35dB. Isolation comparable to Active Noise Cancellation, without compromising battery and audio. 

Loved by Hundreds of Listeners in Over 25 Countries Around the Globe

"These fit SO good...what you're going to get is some beautiful sound. Everything is so well-balanced. You can really hear the mids, the voices, and you can definitely hear the bass."

John D.

“Just got mine. Amazing sound.”

Sam B.

“Fits like a glove, you don’t feel them and the sound... wow!”

Cindy B.

“It's like i'm discovering all my favorite music all over again.”

Jaye V.

“The sound quality of these earbuds are AMAZING. Nice crisp clear sound w/ epic base that doesn’t interfere. You can hear every note while they put you in the same room as your favourite artist.”

Kevin H.

“...These things are amazing...”

George H. 

“...Can’t find one bad thing about them. Thank you for spoiling me!”

Nicholas S.

“I got them 10 minutes ago and guys, they are awesome! Thank you! :-)”

Jan D.

“They're here, They're beautiful, and I do not know how I've been listening to music before I got a hold of these. It's like I can finally hear....These things are pure art.”

Jaye V.

“I am very much digging them!...One can accurately hear all the elements, it’s great!”

Nugenesis A.

“They sound awesome and fit easily and securely. Loving my new sound system!”

Cheryl L. 

“These are the f*ckn shiznit!”

Michael C.

“Love mine. Wasn't a big fan of in ear until these.”

Sam B.


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An attention to detail reserved for only the most premium of audio, Lytte HarmoniQ is detailed and finished by hand. 

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